Mexican Cement (Encaustic) Tiles

There are few tiles more captivating than handmade, decorative, Mexican cement, or “encaustic” tiles. Cement tiles are hydraulically pressed under high pressure and can last for centuries. Sizes range from 2”x2” to 16”x16”, and can be used on most surfaces including walls with or without grout. Thin set adhesives and a topcoat sealer are mandatory. Cement tiles can be used for interior and exterior locations, as well as inlaid into other types of flooring.


mexican cement tiles

AND here’s a lesson learned….. about these colorful tiles…. THEY MUST BE SEALED PRIOR to grouting. Take care not to seal the tile sides or the grout won’t adhere. If you don’t pre-seal, this is what your tile will look like, because they are porous and absorb like a sponge:


Mexican Cement (Encaustic) Tiles

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