“Interior Designer Near Me”… did you find what you were looking for?

Location is just one search feature when selecting an interior designer, but there are other very critical search criteria. Here are a few.

Qualifications and Credentials

  • Try to hire the most qualified interior designer you can afford.
  • Look for those who have earned an interior design degree from a reputable university, an “accredited degree”, usually 4 year. 
  • Look for additional certifications like “NCIDQ” which means that the designer has taken and passed the benchmark National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination.
  • Look for a designer with the most experience.
  • Disregard “registered interior designer” or “certified interior designer” or “licensed interior designer” titles. Only NV, LA, and DC/Puerto Rico  require interior designers to have a license, so unless you live there, the titles are misleading. Other states with voluntary interior design laws had to “grandfather” in unqualified practitioners to pass the laws. So if you rely on your state government to be forthcoming about who is and who is not qualified in the interior design ranks, you will be sorely disappointed.
  • Membership in a professional association is valuable, but it is not an earned qualification. For example, membership in ASID and IIDA is just that, a membership.
  • Architects are architects. Interior designers are interior designers. We are different. 


Match the Designer to your Needs

  • Be clear about your needs, wishes, preferences, AND BUDGET. You must discuss your budget and timeline. 
  • Are you a residential or commercial customer? Many designers, like me, do both.
  • What is the scope of your project and where is it located?
  • Are you just looking for advice? Will you ask the designer to create a complete design? Or will you ask the designer to create the design, document it and implement it, which is referred to as “turnkey” or “design-build”.
  • Will you rely on your designer to procure the items, which is “project management”?
  • Will you expect your designer to provide contractors and subcontractors?


Review the Interior Designer’s Website

  • We designers pay a fortune for professional photography, so we LOVE it when you look at our photos.
  • The best designers are “chameleons” in that we are able to design in any style even though it’s not our favorite. Don’t assume that because a style is not shown on the designer’s site, that they are unable to design in your style.
  • Review actual and verified testimonials. Mine are actual clients, most with names who are willing to be contacted. 


Discuss your Budget

  • Part of our job as your designer is to be honest with you as you share your budget and project details. If they don’t match up, your designer should tell you.
  • Please don’t make your designer guess the budget, as this prevents re-design when original designs don’t fit the budget resulting in additional design fees. 
  • Most professional interior designers are careful to keep a client’s confidence and not share budget or personal information unless given permission.


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