Porfolio | BEFORE & AFTER

Portfolio | BEFORE & AFTER

This portfolio highlights only a small portion of our interior design Austin completed projects. But as you can see, each interior design “challenge” necessitates unique interior design solutions. The functionality of the space is overlaid with aesthetic beauty as evidenced in color choices, layers of texture, perfectly placed
lighting, landscaping, interior and exterior furnishings, specialty furniture, artwork and accessories, reused materials, and custom made products.

We respect our clients’ wishes that their private residences remain private and do not photograph all projects. But for those who kindly allow photographs, we enjoy sharing them with you. Please remember that interior design is very personal, so for example, you may not see a Tudor style home, or a Mid-Century modern home in this portfolio, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create one for you. In the interior design world, “Form Follows Function” which means that your interior has to be functional first, beautiful second. The stylistic layer, or what we call “the frosting” is the most enjoyable part of the process. ANY design style can be incorporated, but you have to have the right designer on your side.

Is there a renovation, new construction, a downsized move, a new vacation property, an office relocation, a delicious new restaurant in your future? If so, don’t start the design process until you’ve called Kelley Barnett Interior Design, LLC Austin. Look at our exciting Portfolio as you contemplate design solutions for your commercial or residential property. We also suggest you visit www.Houzz.com and create your own “Ideabook” on the site, which you can easily share with us. The Ideabook is a great tool to convey your design preferences through photographs rather than words. We then schedule an Initial Consultation, review your project requirements, determine the Scope of Work, and discuss a Design Fee and Contract. Once the Contract is signed, we can begin the exciting transformative process of personalized interior design service Austin. Call us today!